I was apart of the UCT Communications Committee, a team of designers and marketing experts gathered to rebrand the United Church in Tallahassee. To begin, I audited the church's 44 years of visual history and presented the team with a seven page booklet outlining all the past logos, fonts and other visuals. I assessed the current main logo and itemized where it was utilized.
Logo Exploration
I and fellow graphic designer, Tim Pannell, created multiple options for the logo. We played with various different visuals and typography.

Logo icon explorations by John Lhotka

Logo icon and text explorations by John Lhotka

Final Logos
We presented two logos to the congregations and after a long discussion they voted to move forward with a rainbow spiral design. The final design was made by Tim Pannell. I created a grayscale version to be used on bulletins and other black and white photocopies. The typography is based on the national UCC Branding Guidelines.

Final color logo design by Tim Pannell

Final grayscale logo design by John Lhotka

I also assisted in revamping the church's website. After creating a first draft, I audited the content and presented a booklet outlining suggestions and questions.
Social Media
On an ongoing basis I create content for UCT's social media including working with photographers and illustrating content.

Facebook Event Banner for Spiritual Formation Classes (photography / type design)

Facebook Event Banner for Shelter Meal (photography / type design)

Facebook Event Banner for New Members Classes (Illustration / type design based on actual visitor name tags)

Facebook Event Banner for Meditation Group (stock photo / type design)

Facebook Event Banner for Crafting Group (Illustration / Hand-lettering / type design)

Facebook Event Banner for Canning Group (Illustration / type design)

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