My Roles: Interviewer ★ Illustrator & Hand-Letterer ★ Logo Design

Inspirations 4 Aspirations logo (designed by John Lhotka)

I created an ongoing interview series called Inspirations 4 Aspirations where I ask creative people why they create
and what inspires them to get back up when life gets them down. I have interviewed art teachers, recent graduates, vet techs who paint shoes and others.
I highlight four questions for instagram that I feel can provide viewers the most inspiration and insight into the people I interview.  I publish the full, unabridged interviews can be found on
Each interview is accompanied by a visual illustrated and lettered by me. The visuals are made through various digital and traditional techniques in various different styles in order to capture the essence of each creative's personality and work. They draw inspiration from various sources including iconic graphic designers, children's books, sheet music covers from the 1890s and, of course, my own imagination.
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